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The Requirements

You must be a high school sophomore to apply so that you will be part of the program during your junior year.

Your commitment.
To attend all shows and workshops, with an open mind and heart. We do great work at the theater, and we are excited to share it with you.

Your time and energy.
We want to be able to call on you when the theater needs a helping hand – hanging posters, ushering, perhaps singing at the Gala, or working on Scout Day or Dia de la Familia, lending a hand with load-in; anything that we are doing to make this theater tick, we want you to do too.

Each of you will do two intensive assistantships next season. This means you will work as an assistant to any of the following artistic, administrative or production departments: Assistant Stage Manager, Audience Services, Artistic, Communications, Costumes, Development, Marketing, Education, Props, Special Events, Technical, or any other position that may need you. These assistantships will be 20-50 hours of commitment depending on which position you take, and each one will be individually planned with the Director of Education. We will create contracts for you to be signed by you, your parent or guardian, and a representative from the theater.