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Summer Theater Camp

Parents and Guardians are Talking about Two River Summer Theater Camp 2017!

What makes Two River Summer Theater Camp different from other camps/programs you have participated in?


·         Loved that it was all day and they got vast array of exposure to different parts of theater.

·         Quality of staff, access to working artists, master classes.

·         As a parent, I really loved the diversity in the children participating -- something she does not get at her school.            Really well done program, and the staff was excellent. Everyone knew my daughter's name by the end of the first day so when she showed up on the second she was              very comfortable!

·         inclusivity, positivity

·         Professionals coming in to teach the teens based on their experiences.

·         It is in a professional theatre with professionals of the theatre industry.

·         The warmth and enthusiasm of the instructors. They make kids feel like they belong.

·         The freedom to feel comfortable expressing himself.


Check back in February 2018 for more info.