Two River Summer Theater Camp - July 2017

Our Students are Talking about
Two River Summer Theater Camp 2016:


·         Making art and new friends – I feel like that’s what camp is all about.

·         My favorite part about camp was being able to express myself.

·         My favorite part of the camp was that it opened my eyes to some unconventional concepts that many aren’t able to know about.

·         I learned that nothing is a mistake, and that you can make something out of everything.

·         I get to be myself at this camp and I won’t have to worry about people making fun of me.

·         Two River Summer Theater Camp is different cause I don’t feel weird being myself.

·         Very interactive + much more fun/welcoming environment (with amazing teachers).

·         It is different because it is like a huge family and in other camps, you are just a camper.

·         My favorite part of camp is getting to express myself and having so much fun. The teachers here are awesome.

·         Every single person cares, even if you’ve only been here once, you are loved.



Their Parents and Guardians
are Talking Too!


What makes Two River Summer Theater Camp different from other camps/programs you have participated in?


·         Higher quality of instructors. Guest instructors with amazing backgrounds. Balance of exposure to serious theater pros with fun! Variety of the curriculum.

·         You are diverse! Many different voices and backgrounds!

·         It is so open and accepting of all kids – and their unique personalities!

·         It encourages the children to relate to the world and incorporate that into their art and their performances.

·         My son loved it. He looked forward to coming and shared everything he did when I picked him up. He hasn't done theatre before, but he initiated the interest and this program cultivated it! Thanks!